About Me

Fangwei Lee
Creative Lead

Throughout my life I have had a strong interest in computer graphic and animation. This interest has led me to seize every opportunity to learn and practice digital art. My mix of previous art practice and my degree as a Master of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University made me an active lead in DreamWorks Animation for 9 years.

My technical proficiency includes the mastery of C/C++ and Python programming and expertise in visual effects setup. On the artistic side, my extensive traditional fine art training and 2D/3D animation experience give me a wide breadth of creativity and artistic skills. This knowledge of both art and technology, and my experience with working collaboratively in interdisciplinary group environments convinced me that exploring more possibilities of computer graphics is a career for me.

In addition to the more practical aspects of art, my spirit of artistic adventure has also lead me to explore many activities beyond computer art training such as sculpture, paper folding, juggling, and performing magic. Each of these activities has further stimulated creative abilities that I can use as a unique creative lead.

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