January 30, 2008

Claytronics Mentioned on Engadget

This Claytronics demo was a Carnegie Mellon / Entertainment Technology Center project that I was a member of. We produced a video to explore what could be done with this technology.

From Engadget.com:

Research is still in the early stages, but the concept renders are straight out of science fiction. Some friendly folks at Carnegie Mellon University are working towards electromagnetic microscopic bots that cling together and can assume virtually any shape...


January 25, 2008

Claytronics Car Design

Claytronics demo made for Intel Lab:

Graffiti on Facebook

I always want to draw something in spare time. And now I found that Facebook is the perfect place. Its Graffiti application enable me to draw on any computer. Even the functionality is very primitive, but that's all I need to do some simple sketching.


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