September 17, 2008

Super Dollfie

I always want to get one of these, but it is really not for boys. So I just drew it.

September 15, 2008

Aragaki Yui

I used Aragaki Yui's photo as my reference. But it isn't so much like her I guess...

May 24, 2008

Traveling Check List

My traveling check list as a reminder for myself:

  1. 牙膏
  2. 牙刷
  3. 髮膠
  4. 茶樹精油
  5. 保養品
  6. 毛巾
  7. 刮鬍刀
  8. 休閒衣物
  9. 正式衣物
  10. 襪子
  11. 內衣褲
  12. 外套
  1. 護照
  2. 機票
  3. 駕照
  4. 現金
  5. 信用卡
  6. 旅遊書
  7. 旅遊文件
  8. 筆記本
  9. 通訊錄
  10. 護身符
  1. 眼罩
  2. 耳塞
  3. 安眠藥
  4. 讀物
  1. 手機
  2. 手機充電器
  3. 相機
  4. 相機充電器
  5. 記憶卡
  6. 電腦
  1. 拖鞋
  2. 防曬油
  3. 泳裝
  4. 泳鏡
  5. 大毛巾
  6. 遮陽帽
  7. 野餐巾
  8. 飛盤
  9. 其他戶外遊戲
  10. 雨具
  1. 重要貨物
  2. 手電筒
  3. 衛生紙
  4. 瑞士刀
  5. 維他命

May 02, 2008

Maya Api: Get MObject by Name

const char *objName = c->GetObjName();
MSelectionList selection;
selection.add( MString( objName ) );

MObject curveObj;
MDagPath dagPath;
MString txt;

if( selection.length() )
selection.getDependNode(0, curveObj );

if( curveObj != MObject::kNullObj )
MFnNurbsCurve( curveObj );

February 11, 2008

Get Ready For Summer

Although it is still February, it is quite warm in bay area today. Is it a sign of summer comming?

January 30, 2008

Claytronics Mentioned on Engadget

This Claytronics demo was a Carnegie Mellon / Entertainment Technology Center project that I was a member of. We produced a video to explore what could be done with this technology.


Research is still in the early stages, but the concept renders are straight out of science fiction. Some friendly folks at Carnegie Mellon University are working towards electromagnetic microscopic bots that cling together and can assume virtually any shape...


January 25, 2008

Claytronics Car Design

Claytronics demo made for Intel Lab:

Graffiti on Facebook

I always want to draw something in spare time. And now I found that Facebook is the perfect place. Its Graffiti application enable me to draw on any computer. Even the functionality is very primitive, but that's all I need to do some simple sketching.


Updated to new blogger system...