July 31, 2009

Hair Reference

This is of course not me, but I am tired of browsing for hair catalogs in barbershops. So per one of my friends suggestion, I pick this one and I will print out and bring it to barbers the next time I am having hair cut.

Mini Bar @ Work

July 24, 2009


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This is how I get home from work - train. And there are my backpack and helmet.


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this is a corner of the bathroom of my apartment. it is nice and neat, isnt it?

July 20, 2009


I can post entries from my phone via email. Which is cool! Especially I am often too lazy to turn on my computer back home. So the best time for me to blog is when I sit in a train.

-- Sent from my mobile device

July 18, 2009

Samsung Eternity as modem

I like my new Samsung Eternity. My wife gave it to me as a surprise gift. It is not as powerful as iPhone, but it has just everything that I need: GPS, internet, music, java apps...

Here is my note about how to connect my notebook to internet via GPRS:
  1. Install Samsung Modem Driver
  2. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections
  3. Choose "Create a new Connection" -> Next
  4. Choose "Connect to the Internet" -> Next
  5. Choose "Set up my connection manually" -> Next
  6. Choose "Connect using a dial-up modem" -> next
  7. Choose any name you want for ISP Name (ie. Samsung Eternity) -> Next
  8. Type *99# in the Phone number field -> Next
  10. Password: CINGULAR1
  11. Confirm password: CINGULAR1
    * the username and password need to be all in caps
  12. Click Next

Forex System - Scorebot SG

Average Stop : 100-600
Average Limit : 100-600
Start Date: : 6/8/2009 10:35:29 AM
Trade frequency: 15 – 20 per month
Time frame : 60 min
Trend or Reversal trader: Reversal
Swing / Intraday / Daytrader: Swing
We provide our users the MOST Comprehensive tool, Scorebot ATM (Computer programmed Auto-Trading Intelligence) with Multi-facet elements of proven Strategies.
Our Key element of Strategies:
1) Effective and Accurate Point of Entries (with > 72.5% accuracy)
2) Effective Loss Minimizing Strategies (rather than conventional Stop-loss)
3) Risk / Reward Management Strategies
4) Dynamic Safety and Warning Zones (that keeps you from unnecessary risk exposures)
5) Profit Range Dynamic Tracking and Locking
6) and many other user-definable factors and strategies.
very smooth curve. looks like a good value preservation system.

Forex System Research

System Name : Oleforex
Pairs In System : GBPUSD
Average Stop : 300
Average Limit : 300
trade frequency: 20/week
Time frame: 1 H
Trend or Reversal trader: Trend
Swing / Intraday / Daytrader: Intraday and daytrader
We are operating in different markets since 1999 and with forex since 2004 as our ideal market. We offer forex signals subscription for anyone who is interested. The system Oleforex opens 1 to 4 positions with GBP/USD as interday o daily, positions can remain open for the whole week if necessary. All positions have SL of 300 pips. The strategy is based on exploiting the tendency of the price of each hour, by using several indicators and analysis which was studied and developed by Oleforex.
The asset curve looks smooth but has a drawdown of about 5000 in 07/2009.

FXCM Forex System Selector Try Out

I'm trying out the FXCM Forex System Selector recently. The idea of automatic trading sounds very good to me. Although I am also interested in writting my own trading system, I figure that I should first study how other professionals do it before diving in.

So I opened a demo account with FXCM and choose three systems to start with: ElliotWave, A1776, and DBSwing.