August 18, 2006

Fast square root tricks:

If dy > dx, approximated distance is
0.41 dx + 0.941246 dy
(If dy < dx, swap these values.) The difference from the exact distance is between -6% and +3%; more than 85% of all possible differences are between −3% to +3%.

in decreasing length dx, dy, dz
0.9398 dx + 0.3893 dy + 0.2987 dz
This has a max error of 6.0%, quite accurate, and can
be computed quickly with only shifts and adds (no

August 15, 2006

Portable Applications

aka green softwares...
here is a web site collect and host some green applications
most of them are well maintained:

enjoy it...

August 14, 2006

Ragdoll physics

Here are some resources about ragdoll physics:
I'll keep updating this list when I find anything new.

Thomas Jakobsen
Advanced Character Physics

Angular constraints

Maya plugin: